Niklesh Malkani

Founder & Main Photographer

Niklesh Malkani’s shooting style, look and versatile approach to weddings are what makes him and his team unique. His gentle nature allows people to open their homes and families to him so he can get the personal image he strives for. He pays particular attention to colour, form and light, which complement the expressiveness of his subjects. This is his signature style, consistent throughout his work.

Wedding is so nearing, and simultaneously, your excitement is at its peak. Well, that’s an obvious thing. You will take vows to be together with your partner for a lifetime. 

By now, you must be blushing because this happiness is something that can only be felt, but it’s hard to express in words to anyone else.

You and your partner can feel the wedding vibes with excitement, nervousness, emotions, and lots of things.

And on the other side, your family members, relatives, and friends are ready to pull your legs, especially on this occasion.

Wow, too many talks on weddings, preparations, feelings, and whatnot; imagine.

But what about the wedding photoshoot for which you and your partner have taken so much pain to select from the extensive list of photographers in your city.

So now what?

They will come to do some photoshoots and leave the place after they are done. So you certainly won’t make that happen.

You, along with your partner, want to make this photoshoot session one of the most memorable ones of a lifetime.

And yes, it happens that you are out of ideas for some stunning wedding photoshoot you have ever experienced.

But Saycheeze Photography brings in some fantastic photoshoot ideas exclusively for you.

1. Simple & sober look


This is the preferable shoot for couples to opt-in for their wedding.

This covers them individually, couple shoots, family members, relatives, and friends in natural colors with nothing so showing off style.

And many people love this because it reflects positivity and emotions, and the best part is you have nothing to prepare for.


2. Vintage style


If you love the 1950s – 1960s style, then a vintage photoshoot is the best choice for you where you and your partner wear vintage dresses, makeup, and props to give that feel of a vintage look.

Just experience the vintages environment around you.


3. Bollywood-wala style


You and your partner are up on the hill, on the beach, or on a yacht with that best filmy pose and stunning dress selection, making you a celebrity.

And in the background, some romantic songs are being played, which makes the photoshoot experience even sweeter.


4. Pehli-Nazar style


One of the most romantic photoshoot styles for a couple. This is when a bride enters the mandap, and that first sight of the bride on her is priceless.

The other way round, when the baraat arrives and somewhere from the window bride takes a first look at her dream man is very special and when their eye contact meets each other, that moment is incredible.


5. Ceremonial shots


Yes, this is the moment when a couple performs all the rituals to be together for a lifetime. And all those feelings, expressions on their face, and happiness within their soul automatically reflect on their face.

Everything is understood in eye contact, actions, and smile, but no words. Every shot is captured from taking vows, taking elders’ blessings to everything followed as per the customs.


6. Pre-wedding shoots


Well, all the celebration starts with pre-wedding shoots. This particular photoshoot session is so close to the couple, their feelings, and eternal happiness.

During this photo shoot, the only couple is all around, and no one else except the wedding photographer, who skillfully acts as if they are not around them to make it comfortable for them to get beautiful shots.


7. Individual look photoshoot


This is so special for a bride and groom. Here, a wedding photographer uses the best poses, props, and backgrounds individually for the bride and groom to get the detailing of their appearance.

In the case of the bride, all the ornaments adorned are mainly taken into consideration and cover all of the angles along with the wedding dress. The royal look, pose, expression and outfit are captured for a groom.



Be its a royal look, filmy look, or classic look, wedding photographers are always there to make it happen under any circumstances. You wish for it, and they fulfill it for you ensuring that your wedding full of fond memories.

But the thing is, choose your professional wedding photographer wisely to get the best out of it.