Niklesh Malkani

Founder & Main Photographer

Niklesh Malkani’s shooting style, look and versatile approach to weddings are what makes him and his team unique. His gentle nature allows people to open their homes and families to him so he can get the personal image he strives for. He pays particular attention to colour, form and light, which complement the expressiveness of his subjects. This is his signature style, consistent throughout his work.

When it comes to choosing a professional wedding photographer, so many different questions come to your mind. But we will make it easier for you to identify 10 signs you have chosen the right wedding photographer for the BIG DAY.

A wedding photographer is not someone who arrives just before the wedding and leaves as soon as the wedding ceremony is completed. Instead, they are the person who will be there with you at all times, right from the ring ceremony, pre-wedding, traditional ceremonies, wedding day, and post-wedding moments.

Every touching moment is precious and has its importance even after 40 years of your wedding when you look back at all those photoshoots. You will need to go in-depth while choosing a wedding photographer.

One wrong decision will spoil all the happy moments and leave you with nothing but regret because you do not have any photographs of your wedding day.


So, now it’s time to throw some light on signs you have an amazing wedding photographer.

1. Communication is the key::-

One of the most important aspects of identifying the right wedding photographer is communication. See for yourself how quickly they respond to all of your queries. If you receive all of the answers promptly, then nothing can be more worthwhile than that.

2. The portfolio has its own stories::-

When you meet a wedding photographer, their portfolio is so dynamic that it speaks and requires no words to express. They have an amazing line-up of wedding photography nicely arranged such that every single emotion, angle, and moment is captured. You will get to know them by looking at their complete one or two clients’ entire wedding photoshoots.

3. Eye contact is enough::-

A professional wedding photographer understands your needs at the wedding and works through eye contact. That’s the real sign of a wedding photographer who does not have to direct them for all those special moments. But your sign is words for them to get into the action promptly.

4. Believes in planning::-

One great sign of a professional wedding photographer is they book photoshoots in advance, keeping in mind timely circumstances and availability. They share with you the whole execution process before the dates are confirmed. This will help you book dates, direct them to positions, decide on a budget and agree on essential terms.

5. Understands responsibility::-

A well-experienced wedding photographer knows when and how to take the best photoshoots to capture the treasured moments for a lifetime. They are smart enough to capture from different angles, emotions, and destinations and capture a couple of moments.

6. Best reviews and testimonials::-

Another important factor is to deeply look at the reviews and testimonials to understand what people tell about that particular photographer. This will help you make decisions swiftly and in the right direction without making a mistake.

7. Soft-spoken::-

You understand well that a wedding photographer is someone who will be around capturing guest moments but make sure that they are well-behaved and soft-spoken towards guests. Because you will not want someone to insult or mess up with your guests, that creates chaos on your special day.

So, ensure that you hire a wedding photographer who is well-matured, gentle, and understands the situation. If a wedding photographer asks for a photoshoot for your guests, no one would mind it, but there is always a way to ask someone politely.

8. Budget-friendly::-

A good wedding photographer is transparent with the work, budget, and deliverables. Ask them what will be provided in a package, and they will have options and various packages to offer you that best suit your needs.

9. Timely delivery::-

They are well-versed in the importance of time for you because no one likes to wait for so long or take multiple follows-up for the photoshoots. One great sign of a professional photographer is their confidence over commitments to deliver it on time.

10. Go-to person::-

There are times when you want to get the best shots but cannot express them. They are someone who suggests to you the best pose, angles, expressions, and dress color combination.



The best sign of the right wedding photographer is authenticity, trust, and approach. A wedding photographer is resourceful and helps to the best of his knowledge to make your wedding photoshoot experience the most memorable and sweetest.