Niklesh Malkani

Founder & Main Photographer

Niklesh Malkani’s shooting style, look and versatile approach to weddings are what makes him and his team unique. His gentle nature allows people to open their homes and families to him so he can get the personal image he strives for. He pays particular attention to colour, form and light, which complement the expressiveness of his subjects. This is his signature style, consistent throughout his work.

When it comes to tying the knot, couples are always in search of that perfect, picturesque location that will serve as the backdrop for their special day.

One destination that stands out for its blend of tradition, modernity, and sheer beauty is none other than the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Known as the “City of Dreams,” Mumbai offers a unique tapestry of experiences that make it an idyllic setting for weddings. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore why Mumbai is an attractive destination for weddings and delve into the benefits of hiring local wedding photographers who intimately understand the city’s unique charm.


Mumbai: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

The Iconic Skyline

Mumbai boasts a skyline that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The juxtaposition of towering skyscrapers against the historic architecture of South Mumbai creates an unmatched visual feast. This distinctive skyline serves as a dynamic canvas for wedding photographs, offering a blend of contemporary and classical elements.

Picturesque Beaches

Few cities can claim to have pristine beaches within their bounds, but Mumbai is an exception. The Arabian Sea gently caresses the shores of this vibrant city, providing stunning beachfront venues for couples seeking a romantic and serene setting for their nuptials. The golden sands and the setting sun offer an enchanting backdrop for a beach wedding.

Vibrant Culture and Traditions

Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures, each contributing to the city’s rich tapestry of traditions. From the grandeur of a Maharashtrian wedding to the opulence of a North Indian affair, Mumbai accommodates a diverse range of wedding styles. This diversity ensures that every couple can find a setting that resonates with their unique vision for their special day.


Benefits of Hiring Local Wedding Photographers

Intimate Knowledge of Locations

Local wedding photographers in Mumbai possess an intimate knowledge of the city’s hidden gems and photogenic spots. Whether it’s the historic precincts of Colaba or the verdant gardens of Malabar Hill, they know where to capture the perfect shot. This familiarity ensures that no magical moment is missed.

Understanding Mumbai’s Unique Rhythm

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, and its pulse beats to a rhythm all its own. Local photographers are attuned to this heartbeat. They understand the ebb and flow of the city, enabling them to anticipate and capture candid moments that encapsulate the energy and spirit of Mumbai.

Seamless Coordination with Local Vendors

In the vast tapestry of Mumbai’s wedding industry, local photographers have established connections with other vendors, such as decorators, makeup artists, and event planners. This network ensures seamless coordination, guaranteeing that every aspect of the wedding comes together flawlessly.

Weather Wisdom

Mumbai’s weather can be unpredictable, with sudden showers or bright sunshine making an appearance at any moment. Local photographers, accustomed to the city’s climate, come prepared with the right equipment and expertise to adapt to any weather condition, ensuring that your wedding memories are captured in their full splendor.


Making Memories that Last a Lifetime

In the heart of this bustling metropolis, amid its vibrant culture and stunning vistas, lies the promise of a wedding that transcends the ordinary. Mumbai offers a unique blend of tradition, modernity, and natural beauty that forms the perfect canvas for your special day. And in the hands of local wedding photographers, you can trust that every moment will be captured with precision and passion.

So, if you’re envisioning a wedding that is a true reflection of your love story, consider Mumbai as your destination. Let the city’s charm and allure infuse your celebration with an unforgettable magic that will be etched in your memories forever.


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With Mumbai’s rich tapestry of tradition, modernity, and stunning backdrops, it’s no wonder it has become a coveted destination for weddings. With local wedding photographers from Saycheeze Photography, you can be assured that your special day will be immortalized in the most enchanting way possible. Contact us now and let’s begin the journey to creating memories that will last a lifetime.